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I offer a number of professional services that can be tailored to suit institutions, organisations, and individuals. To discuss, please Contact Me.


Lectures and Public Speaking

I am a confident, skilled public speaker with many years of experience.


I have delivered academic presentations at conferences based on my own research, lectures for university students, and talks for schools and societies.


My expertise covers a range of biological and scientific subjects, which can be tailored to suit a various audiences and demographics.

Ecological Surveying

As a field naturalist with over a decade of practical experience, I can offer a range of bespoke ecological recording and surveying services, particularly of insects (especially butterflies and moths).

Surveying work can, for example: conduct rapid assessments of a site; determine the presence or absence of rare, threatened, or protected species; generate estimates of site biodiversity; identify valuable habitats or areas; inform site-specific conservation efforts; and, monitor the changing abundance of target species at a site.


Public Outreach, Engagement, and Training

I am passionate about communicating science to as wide an audience as possible, and sparking enthusiasm for biology in the next generation of academics.

I have taken part in and organised a number of public engagement activities and can assist in the coordination and delivery of outreach events for all ages. These could include workshops, hands-on activities, course design, lesson planning, and training sessions for the identification of specific insect groups. 


Curation and Preservation of Natural History Collections

I have been collecting and preserving natural history specimens for as long as I have been interested in biology. I believe that this hands-on experience of is incalculable value as biological training.

Specimens are irreplaceable records of the natural world and new scientific uses for historical collections are constantly being found. It is more important than ever not only that we continue to maintain the natural history collections that have been passed down to us by generations of biologists, but that we also continue to add to them, in a responsible manner.


Based on my extensive curatorial experience dealing with biological voucher material, I can: triage natural history collections for local museums, institutions, and private individuals; report on the state of collections and offer advice on future conservation; sort, database, record, identify, and curate collections; and, collaborate on the creation of public displays. 

To discuss these services, please get in touch

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