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About Me


I am a British evolutionary biologist, entomologist and natural historian.

My research focuses on butterflies and moths: incredibly diverse in structure and habit, they combine striking aesthetic beauty with a myriad of elegant solutions to the problem of survival. 

I read evolutionary biology at the University of Edinburgh, graduating with first class honours, and am currently working on my PhD at Edinburgh's Institute for Evolutionary Biology. 


In the course of my work I have collaborated with staff from major research institutions and foreign governments, and have served as peer reviewer on international journals of biology, such as Oikos and the Journal of Animal Ecology.

I believe scientists have a duty to educate and inform. I have taught and supervised undergraduate students, and have considerable experience in public speaking. In the past I have delivered lectures and presentations to academic conferences, students of various levels, and natural history societies.

For a full copy of my CV, please Contact Me.

Awards and Honours

Charles Darwin Award and Marsh Prize Certificate of Commendation (Zoological Society of London, 2017)

Evolutionary Biology Class Medal

(University of Edinburgh, 2017)

Ashworth Prize (University of Edinburgh, 2017)

William Turner Prize (University of Edinburgh, 2016) 

Prince Philip Award and Marsh Prize for contributions to zoology (Zoological Society of London, 2014) 

Dux Litterarum (Larbert High School, 2013)


Short listed for the Hammond Award

(Amateur Entomologists' Society, 2011) 

Society Memberships

Linnean Society of London

elected Associate on 17th October 2013

and Fellow on 22nd May 2020

Royal Entomological Society

elected Member in June 2020

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